i had a dream – volt egy álmom

a dream about human cruelty

i had a dream the other day that prompted me to compose this short novel  a good friend of mine rated it using wonderful heartwarming expressions  i hope you’ll share his opinion


fine art bifrangi

if you do not know what it is  i do not know it either  it occurred to me last night


damn it  who is going to tell me  what happened to my daughter


it’s without rolalty  the readers may do with it  what they want


i could not fall asleep  was twisting in bed until a picture flashed  my family started in two cars who knows where we stopped at a well-known place  ornate entrance  stairs down to the bookstore  next to it an upscale coffee shop   my wife was with my daughter’s   i went down to the books  on the very first shelf i immediately found an excellent antique book  the complete works of Virgil  the cloth binding on the spine was fringed the color of it was pale but it would be good for the kids if they do become readers at all.  two other antiques  i do not remember what were they about  I put them on the cashier’s desk  my wife bursted into the shop  hurry up something has gone wrong our daughter had disappeared   to the hell with these english past tenses they make me mad   they cannot trace her though a lot of people are already looking for her  she got out of their car last she said i’ll be right back  since then she is lost  ok I just pay for these and come   the guy takes a seat at his desk licks his pencil   scribbles scribbles in some queer way will never finish   my wife comes back  hurry up the children are terrified started crying   i pay and run with the three books   my son in law tears open the door they found her  she’ll be here in no time  just she needs some help they support her    she appears towering above the stairs   yes this is her but she is strange ethereal no sharp outlines pale and her crown of hair her beautiful curly hair sticks to her head like some foreign body like a giant upside-down funnel    here i am, i’m back she says firmly seeing my gasping in shock

do not ask anything whispers my wife   she was lured away by two men and doesn’t know what happened to her she doesn’t remember anything

police station   bare walls not an image not an inscription glaring lights from the far corner of the room  only uniforms make clear that police personnel roam to and fro  pistol spray truncheon and electric-shock baton suggest they are not soldiers  the electric-shock baton is lying there on the desk of the senior officer  anyone may pick it up    woman is cross-examined still there is no woman among the staff members    the uniform is elegant dark green jacket cordon on the arm too  trimmed pockets  the ironed trousers are of lighter shade  the shoes are almost for walking on the street  only the peaked caps are over-adorned  green eye shield and crown  the band is white  gold cap braid  red piping  two emblems  the cap button is flashing in the lights  the cap badge is an eagle bearing giant wings and standing on a sword   the police chief is standing behind his desk  nobody is sitting  five or six staff members rush in and out always bringing in something and putting it on the chief’s desk  he nods at each subject every body part  nods nods does not stop nodding thoughtfully

my daughter is sitting since she is the victim   the police chief plagues her with questions    you remember don’t you who lured you away from your family    yes two handsome dark-skinned men one of them was sporting such a close-cropped mustache like hitler’s looked like the other one was full-bearded    how were they dressed   they were having festive look as if they were going to attend a wedding   how is it that you left your family   I was told an elderly lady was unwell just around the corner would i like to have a look at her  as a physician i was obliged to follow them    how did they know you were a doctor did they know you   no but there is a red cross sign on the rear window of our car    and your husband why didn’t they ask him    he was dealing with the children on the far side of the car  but obviously they were hunting for a woman   your husband your husband could just get suspicious  your brains your senses do not vibrate on the same string   we are probably in tune more with our children

hearing this the police chief sits down and stares at the muddy- dirty objects put in front of him  picks up an ear rotates looks at my daughter in awe   and what happened after having followed them   as soon as we left the corner they hooked on me on both sides and pressed a handkerchief with chloroform to my nose    and you did not know that if you pretended to faint and stopped taking breath for two or three minutes then they would take away the handkerchief unless they wanted you to die   yes it flashed in my mind but before  i realized what i should do it was too late   what else do you remember   the way i woke up  i woke up on a garden bench in the nearby park  a blonde pigtailed merry little girl slapped me repeatedly in my face then ran off  i wanted to shout calling her back but no sound left my throat   and who found you   don’t you know  it was a young policeman in traditional hungarian uniform  not like yours   ok how did he know that he had to look for you   he didn’t know anything at least he pretended not to  he also smiled at me asked why i was lying there on the bench  he didn’t want to believe what i had said  but he led me anyway where the search was going on among the houses  he said he had to report it  since it is not just that someone is just…  ok ok then he reported alright  they approved what he did

why was it approved   you mean it was not your man   yes you can imagine   look what we have here on my desk  instruments of torture  nail puller  tongue tearer  crocodile shears  thumbscrew  breast ripper  handcuff  and small human body parts belonging to more than one person  they were found not far from you in a barbed box dropped from high above  the body parts must have been dropping separately from the sky because small twigs leaves flower petals had been clinging to them    what do you mean   almost nothing yet  but we believe they tricked you with the intention to misuse you as a victim    but in case these horrors fell from heaven how would they lift me there   we are searching  searching for that    and who are you to plague me with questions in foreign uniform   i’ll tell you anon but for now just relax sit back   i don’t understand don’t understand they were very sympathetic people   but you said they had dark brown skin    so what it does not mean anything at most they could have been mistaken for wealthy gypsies   but then why there are no gypsies here at all    how do you mean   oh nothing nothing we finished thank you for having accepted our invitation

this mist where does it descend from i can see almost nothing  but it is slowly blown away by some waving breeze  a human figure unfolds with some fog flakes at his edges  a man decorated with fancy uniform full of stripes hooks and clasps  the uniform is an alliteration of brass and blue  the police chief hurls toward him   oh i betrayed myself  salim you know we are an clandestine area  since this country emerged from nato and joined switzerland austria halting all outward military operations   hmm   how to say  we the independent association of middle- eastern countries have obtained covert areas from which we are able to help the victims of the US-gangsterism with information  we pay attention to those areas that dark-skinned people do not move around  our intention is to preserve our covert nature    so that is why you too have light skin   yes on the one hand we have been able to whiten our skin for a long time on the other hand many white people join us    in that case why do you wear different from the local uniforms   I do not really know maybe to exercise internal control to maintain our habits    you’re idiots how would you be able to disguise yourselves with dissimilar to local things  change immediately to the uniform of locals   he snapped with his right  a trapdoor opened on the ceiling  uniforms came pouring down  the high boots loudly clopped on the floor   and now what are you going to do with the woman who partly knows the secret   we’ll enchant her murmuring into her ears the wonderful tales of the arabian nights  she’ll forget our uniform and why there are no gypsies around here either

all present sat down   two of them began to smoke opium putting glowing embers on a water smoking hookah   how did two Arabs turn up here if you paid attention not to have dark skinned persons around    it was probably a provocation two mestizos could have been sent here they could have mingled among people tanned under the summer sun  her father is also dark skinned    how do you know   he too was looking for her, almost cried when caught sight of her

and what is actually going on  where are these many tools from and fingers ears scalps    we did cast light on a lot of things  it may be outlined that since trump explicitly demanded that people suspected of terrorism be tortured such uproar broke out in the more peaceful countries that they did not dare to continue the export of torture   allah akbar then this will put an end to this horse-shit   not but instead of export they developed a cloud-program    what the hell is it    half dead terrorists are shot up into superfluous spaceships mainly in experimental rockets of private firms  strangely enough reputedly it is easier to squeeze confessions from them up there because they know they will never meet their comrades again   and what happens to the unfortunates that have made confessions   this is what we have to work on yet   there are some inexplicable things   for example    for example that a woman leads the program a   certain  well you know it very well   so what   the world has never seen such a thing  she enjoys the tortures she gives instructions to use the most barbaric tortures to cut victims into pieces   and why are body parts falling from the sky   when they have mined everything out of a body  I mean information  they eject it into the space  we do not understand why they break into pieces   is there anything else    not much but we know for example that if the work is carried out in spacious space stations they often decompose the body using chemicals following her command starting from the feet of the still alive wreck  medieval inquisition must be the sample

who may be the man just stepping to the company   oops this is me, what am I doing among them  I might want to testify  or whatever the hell I want again  haven’t realized yet that whoever seeks the truth mostly takes a knock is smeared with some kind of faeces    no i am not examined just ask questions   tell me what the hell happened to my daughter during the hour and a half before you found her   we do not know yet we are making investigations   in that case what do you know at all   for example that the chest could not fall from space  it did not fall apart just one corner is broken   what chest are you talking about   ah you do not know yet  instruments of torture and body parts were found near the bench  the instruments of torture were found in a barbed box   what’s that barbed chest   it could in itself be an instrument of torture  nails protrude from all sides of it  even adults can fit in assuming embryo-pose  when the afflicted ones are stuffed in and the lid is closed they came to miserable end this way or confessed  we examine the dna of traces of blood that remained on the nails  if it may lead us to the fate of our missing people   it cannot be a human being who invents such a thing   they are definitely animal spirits like fundamentalist paleochristians and our degenerate fundamentalists who used to behead helpless victims with delight   then from where has the chest fallen off   we suspect that there was also a clandestine torture chamber here   here in the centre of the capital   why not  not much is needed for that just a silence cabinet and a couple of beasts  both the chest and the two guys may be the results of its liquidation   nice looking well-dressed young men   yes why what do you think they looked like the german executioners of the holocaust or the butcher of katyn, who protected his clothes from splashing blood with a leather apron or the guards of soviet labor camps who used to shoot without thinking if someone stepped out of line  haven’t you read solzhenitsyn   but yes still it is very difficult to understand    look at this american woman too who wanted to excel in tortures in the us and at guantanamo she goes home hugs kisses her little girl strokes the neighbor boy’s head   yes certainly her husband also gives her a hug, they have sex as blessed good spirits   then maybe someone somewhere is just being born  he or she has blue eyes  beautiful blond hair wants ­­­to breastfeed  twenty years later pulls out someone’s fingernails wires in current into the victim’s penis spits at the muzzle of the victim if he doesn’t scream in pain    yes it will never end as long as humans exist on the earth    in that case have they done any meanness to my daughter    no no we did not find any traces of violence   didn’t they cause spiritual damage either   that may be evident only later keep a close watch on her  have her watched by a psychologist   but who is going to tell me damn it what happened to my daughter until she was found by the little blonde girl




ahalmos névjegye

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